Q: Are there alternate uses for Marzetti Foodservice Dressing?

A: Absolutely! Marzetti Dressings can be used in a variety of applications: pasta salads, marinades, pizza sauces, sandwich spreads, dips and much more. Visit our Recipes & Inspiration section to view all of the delicious recipes using Marzetti Foodservice Dressings & Sauces. Bring in one product and use in a variety of menu applications to increase cost effectiveness.


Q: How do I obtain the ingredients and Nutrition Facts for a specific product?

A: Go to www.MarzettiFoodservice.com. Select Products at top of the page. Select product category and click item picture to view specific product information including ingredients, nutrition facts, shelf life and pack size.


Q: Do Marzetti Foodservice products contain allergens?

A: Yes. The major 8 allergens as defined by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Act (FALCP) will be clearly defined within the ingredient statement. In addition to this declaration often the optional “contains” statement will be at the end of the ingredient statement. Allergens are always declared in this manner and never “hidden” under the heading of spices or natural and/or artificial flavors.


Q: Are there any Marzetti Foodservice Dressings and dips without gluten?

A: Yes. Please click here to view our Gluten Free Products


Q: Do Marzetti Foodservice products contain trans fat?

A: Marzetti was an industry leader by removing trans fat from our New York Bakery® Garlic Bread and Garlic Toast items. Marzetti Foodservice products contain 0g trans fat per serving.


Q: Are Marzetti dressings available in single-serve portions?

A: Yes, under Dressings & Sauces, use the Product Type filter to select “Pouch” or “Cup” to view the wide selection of Marzetti packets and cups we offer.


Q: What is the shelf life of Marzetti Foodservice dressings?

A: Please reference an items individual PDF for shelf life.


Q: What is the shelf life on Marzetti Foodservice dressings after they are opened?

A: Please see Shelf Life of Open Containers.


Q: What are some food handling guidelines to ensure a high quality safe product?

  • DO read the product’s label to determine appropriate storage. Unless labeling indicates refrigerated storage — unopened containers of salad dressings can be stored at room temperature. If labeling indicates refrigerated storage — store at 40°F.
  • DO refrigerate opened containers of salad dressings to maintain fresh quality and best flavor.
  • DO follow code date expiration dates (if available) to maintain quality and best flavor.
  • DO NOT freeze salad dressings as this may change the consistency, texture and thickness.
  • DO NOT store salad dressings for prolonged periods of time at temperatures above 90°F as high temperatures will accelerate loss of fresh flavor.


Q: How do I Avoid Cross-Contamination and Changing the Product?

  • DO keep all ready-to-eat foods, including salad dressings, away from raw foods and dirty equipment. For example, do not store raw meat or poultry above salad dressing containers.
  • DO use separate and clean utensils for dispensing salad dressings.
  • DO cover opened containers of salad dressings during storage.
  • DO clean and sanitize refillable containers used for dispensing salad dressings before refilling.
  • DO ensure containers of salad dressings are properly rotated.
  • DO NOT return unused portions of salad dressings to the original container. These portions should be thrown away.
  • DO NOT dilute salad dressings with products such as water or milk as this may undo the safety built into the product.

If spices, flavors, vegetables or fruit are added to commercial salad dressings, DO NOT store these modified versions for long periods of time. It is recommended such products be kept for no longer than 24 hours under refrigeration.


Q: Can I freeze Marzetti Foodservice dressings?

A: No, freezing may create quality issues such as separation for dressings and sauces.


Q: Are any of the Marzetti Foodservice dressings Kosher?

A: No. The only Marzetti Foodservice items that are currently Kosher certified are 41308 01035 Marzetti Frozen Pasta Raw Egg Noodles, 41308 01056 Marzetti Frozen Pasta Raw Flat Dumplings, Southern Style.


Q: What are the benefits of Marzetti Frozen Precooked Pasta vs. Dry Pasta?

A: There are many benefits to precooked pasta including convenience and quick preparation time. Prep only what is needed and keep the rest frozen — this results in little or no wasted product and saves time and labor costs. Precooked frozen pasta creates consistent al dente results every time. Click here to learn more.